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May 22, 2020


Some people would say it’s a fashion blunder but we disagree! Where do you sit?

As the years go by, so does the controversial debate of Birkenstocks and socks. The ultimate question of “Is it acceptable to wear socks and sandals?” is still questioned in our modern day society. Some believe that it is a crime against fashion and an atrocity in the industry but we say STOCK IT! Pushing stylish bounds is what Birkenstocks are all about.
Those who swore to never wear Birkenstocks often find themselves thrown into a classic pair of Arizonas but it does not stop there…you then find yourself wearing a pair of Bostons, Madrid, Zurich and Milanos (yes you know who you are). Just when you thought you couldn’t go any further into the Birkenstock comfort life, you put on a pair of cosy socks and pair it with your old Birkenstock faithfuls. Many believe that the two were simply made for each other, like bread and butter. One thing we love about Birkenstocks is there is no judging. The mutual love and understanding that we all share for this brand allows us to push fashion boundaries, experiment with comfort and simply wear what we want with confidence.
If you are from the Adelaide Hills, you will not be new to the stocks and socks look. On those chilly Winter days it is almost a given that this combination is paired. Wherever you reside, you too can enjoy the comfort of Birkenstocks and socks.
Here are a few comments we have collected from our customers:
“Initially, I would only have paired socks with Birkenstocks while at home. As I have become more attached to them, I think nothing of wearing them anywhere and everywhere, especially in Winter to keep my toes warm!.”
“If my wife is not around… I love the Birkenstock and sock combo! I often go out in my Arizonas and socks (I try to pair neutral colored socks with them).”
“MyTobacco Arizonas are my favourite shoes, no matter what time of the year! I wouldn’t be able to go a whole winter without wearing them. I love pairing them with some funky bright coloured socks to dress up the cold drab days. Plus, other Birkenstock lovers know you’re serious when you wear socks and sandals!.”
We have slipped on a few of our favourite socks and shown how we chose to rock the stock and socks combo. You can find links below to all the socks displayed in the images and shop through our website: www.birkenstockhahndorf.com.au
Stay Warm and stock on! 
Birkenstock in the Hills Team
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Birkenstock, Cotton Slub, Grey/White Blend *Currently not in stock
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