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How to Find Your Size
STEP 1. Put your full weight on your foot and measure from the middle of the back of the heel to the tip of your longest toe.
STEP 2. Add 10mm to your foot length measurement and then look for that measurement in the footbed length column below, the extra 10mm is to allow for 5mm of space in front of your toes and 5mm of space behind your heel, when standing central in the footbed.
STEP 3. Measure the width of your foot at the broadest point.
STEP 4. You can then check your width measurement, against the size of the footbed you require, to see if you will need a narrow or regular footbed.
Jackie's foot measures 240mm in length and 95mm in width. When she adds 10mm to her 240mm measurement, she gets 250mm which is the length of the footbed she will require and now knows she will take a 39.
Looking at the width measurement against the size 39, she can see she will require a regular footbed as her 95mm foot will fit comfortably inside the 97mm footbed width.