Birkenstock are renowned for their superior comfort in the footwear industry and for their use of high quality materials. All the materials used in the making of their shoes and sandals are carefully selected in order to produce a variation in colour, design and comfort. Quality materials are used such as leathers, select textiles, vinyl and synthetic/blended fabrics.
Birkenstock holds great pride in their products and do their utmost to produce the finest quality, using the best materials. Customers continue to be satisfied with the brand as they experience the value that Birkenstock put into their products. Whether it’s a comfortable suede leather, soft felt or natural leather, customers can be assured that sustainability and the latest materials have been applied.




Smooth Leather has a very fine grain so the surface feels smooth. It is a sturdy material that is easy to clean either with a leather nourisher, polish or simply with a slightly damp cloth to wipe any dirt off. It has thickness of 2.8 to 3.2 millimetres and is characterised by its high durability.



Many can detect suede due to its fuzzy, soft, velvet like finish that is comfortable on the skin. The breathable, matte outer is thick however has a light weight feel. You may have to be slightly more delicate with this material by spraying the straps only (not the footbed) with a leather protectant and not pulling on the straps too hard as this may stretch the suede, making the straps lengthen.



Oiled/Waxy leather is obtained from tanneries and is coated with an oily or waxy surface coating. They have a visible grain and naturally occurring colour irregularities that are deliberately not removed in production, so that the natural matte surface of the leather is preserved. This particular leather marks easily and acquires a more rustic/stressed appearance. If you are after a smooth and unmarked leather, this material is not for you. If you would like to minimise this appearance, we suggest applying a leather conditioner or rubbing marks gently with your fingers.



Nubuck leather is made by sanding back the natural grain of the leather, giving the leather its fine structure. It has a softly brushed outer surface and textured appearance. As the nubuck is sanded from the outside, there may be some natural imperfections in the leather.



The metallic leather is a natural leather with a reflective film on the upper. As it has a foil like finish, it does scratch easier than other types of uppers therefore, customers will need to take more care or simply embrace the wear of them.

*Avoid staining with corrosive liquids such as insect repellent and nail polish remover (acetone).



This is a high gloss leather finish that is easy to clean by simply wiping it with a dampened soft cloth. This specially finished smooth leather is used for modern designs and gives a more dressy look to any outfit.



Embossed leather is the same as smooth leather yet has a special pattern or texture that has been pressed into the surface.


Wool felt is made using 100% high quality natural wool that is woven to create a comfortable, warm and breathable material. This is often used in the Birkenstock house shoe range which are very popular amongst Birkenstock customers in the colder seasons.



Birkenstock uses premium quality cork to deliver the orthopaedic contours that our feet require for ultimate comfort. The cork is a natural, lightweight, resilient and sustainable material. The cork is derived from the bark of cork oak trees and is grown in Spain and Portugal. The workers peel the cork by hand in a process that is harmless to the trees. After seven years of new growth, each individual tree is then ready for harvest. This cork that is used in Birkenstock footwear is completely renewable.



The latex used is mixed with cork in order to give the footbed more elasticity and flexibility.



A natural, thick fibre, which originates from the jute plant. It increases the flexibility and durability of the footbed.




Birko-Flor is a durable and skin-friendly material that is used in a variation of different Birkenstock styles. This synthetic material is soft on the skin, easy to care for, tear resistant and provides a leather like structure on the top layer. Many customers choose this material due to its soft underside and lower price point.

*Clean with a slightly dampened cloth and wipe the upper straps if needed



Birko-Flor Nubuck manages to create both the same look and feel of authentic nubuck leather. The top layer is more matte than the original Birko-Flor material and has more of a textured design.



The Birko-Flor patent finish provides a high quality look with the softness and durability of the original Birko-Flor material. This material often comes in a range of lovely colours.



Microfibre is a great alternative for vegans as it is a soft, woven synthetic, made from micro-fine filaments. This material is moisture absorbent, breathable and skin-friendly.



EVA is a non-toxic synthetic compound that creates lightweight, flexible and shock absorbent footwear. It is water, oil and grease resistant however, should not be left out in heat or dried directly near a heat source.



Polyurethane is a biodegradable synthetic material that is well known for its robust nature. Those who need water, oil, acid, grease and heat resistance in their footwear, this is the perfect material for you.