Ayako has a flair for fashion and detail. She appreciates quality and likes good order.  Shoe care and stock-take are her forte. She keeps no secret her love of shoes and eye for all that is colourful.

Sheri has always loved shoes, dressing up and photography. As a child and teen she always had her camera in hand, ready to take photos of anyone and anything. Today she gets lots of practice at this whilst she runs the social media accounts, website images and other marketing management tasks.

Jackie loves Birkenstocks. Her mum made her wear them to school in the 1970s …nothing has changed.  She orders all the shoes in the shop and oversees it’s daily running.  When not working she loves to talk about shoes.

Halle loves to read a good book, do yoga and create art. She is curious about the world and has a keen interest in psychology. You will find her travelling, wearing her Birkenstocks whilst exploring and walking in nature.

Gail grew up in the mountains of New Zealand and viewed the world through an imaginative lens. As a visual artist she always looks alternatively at life outside the square or in this case the proverbial shoebox. Enticed by the excitement of travel she is always packing her Birkenstocks ready for the next adventure.

Harris is an Adelaide hills local with a passion for nature and animals. You'll often find him immersed in nature with his Birkenstocks glued to his feet... with socks of course. He loves surfing, hiking, exploring and appreciating the wildlife.

Phil has always been tidy. He was the little boy who would line up his matchbox cars, polish them and return them to their case for good keeping. He is the go to person for all things technical whether in store or on the web-store. He also ensures things are logical and well maintained from indoors to the out. 

Rachel has always loved style that emphasises comfort - her large collection of flowy pants and Birkenstocks demonstrates this perfectly! When not at uni continuing her study in Interior Architecture, she can be found taking a long walk in the Adelaide Hills, or reading a book with a coffee in hand.

Ella was born in the same year as the Birkenstock Hahndorf opening. She has always had a love for music and travel when she can. She enjoys visiting all the different brunch places with friends and meeting new people from all different walks of life which makes working at Birkenstock Hahndorf ideal.

Bailey loves to pair her Birkenstocks with vintage and second-hand clothing. If she’s not in her local op-shop hunting for second hand treasures, you’ll be sure to find her painting and creating at her farmhouse. She feels most herself when surrounded by nature, swimming in the ocean and giggling with her much loved friends.