Those working in the medical industry will likely be aware or have heard of the Birkenstock unisex Super-Birki and Profi-Birki Clogs. They are often easily spotted due to their bright coloured appearance and plastic clog design which is distinctive and like no other. What is the difference between the Super-Birki and Profi-Birki many ask? And why do so many medical professionals select these as their choice of work footwear?  We will start at the beginning.

Birkenstock created the Profi and Super-Birki in order to achieve the ultimate work clog for a variety of working environments. Both are versatile clogs that offer plenty of grip and quality support. The Profi design has a raised heel section/deep heel cup that encloses the entire foot whereas the Super-Birki has a lower heel backing, which can be seen in the image below.


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The Profi-Birki footbed made with a microfibre lining and anatomically shaped PU (polyurethane) footbedis contoured in order to allow comfortable wear over long periods of time. The Super-Birki cork-latex anatomically shaped footbed is lined with a moisture-wicking fabric and also offers maximum comfort for long periods of wear. If the footbeds are not suited to your feet and you need custom orthotics, they are removable for you to place the appropriate option in.

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The clogs promote a natural rolling motion with each step and have uppers that flex enough to easily walk in, without feeling constricted. The non-slip PU (polyurethane) sole and deep tread offers maximum slip resilience, in particular to oil and grease. This is ideal for those working on smooth or slippery floors such as chefs/hospitality staff, medical surgeons, and workers in ICUs and ERs. 
The most common appeal of the clogs are their ability to be kept hygienically clean, in an effortless manner. The PU upper material is water-repellent and dirt-resistant making them washable, wipeable and easily disinfected.
 Here are a few key benefits:
  • Both are washable up to 80° Celsius, while the removable PU footbed in the Profi can be washed to 60° Celsius and the cork-latex footbed in the Super can be washed up to 30° Celsius however, you would only wash this particular footbed on rare occasions.
  • They are lightweight, yet strong.
  • Oil and grease resilient.
  • Can be easily disinfected.
  • Certified occupational footwear in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E (SRC category).
  • Offer contoured arch support through the anatomically shaped footbeds which assists in natural posture alignment.
We recommended heading in-store to get fitted as people commonly believe they are too big. Once you know your size, it becomes a quick process to buy a replacement pair.
Our recommended process when fitting the clogs is:
  1. Taking the footbed out of the clogs and placing them on the floor
  2. Stand on them bearing all your weight and standing up right
  3. You ideally need 5mm of space at the front and back as you do not want your toes hitting the fronts of the shoes.

medical pro 3

If they feel uncomfortably roomy, you can place some Birkenstock Blue Zell Foam underneath the footbeds which elevates your feet and removes some of the roominess. This can be purchase in either a thin (3mm) or thick (5mm) foam. This retails at $7 and is often used by customers that feel they are too roomy however, keep in mind they will always be a roomy shoe as they are a clog design.  

You can locate both the Super-Birki and Profi-Birki on our website here, medical footwear.

We want to say a big thank you to all those in the medical/healthcare industry and beyond.

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