The comfort of the Soft Footbed

Since Birkenstock was first established in 1774, they have mastered comfort, support and style all in one. The original Birkenstock footbed has always been at the forefront of all designs. The anatomically shaped footbed and the layered structure provides all day comfort. The first layer of jute forms the foundation of the footbed which stabilises the cork and latex. The second layer of cork and latex is key to the Birkenstock. The shock absorbing/flexible cork and latex core supports and relives pressure on ones foot. These natural materials will also insulate against both the heat and cold, creating the perfect climate for the foot. Third comes the second layer of jute which is placed around the sides of the footbed. This not only increases flexibility but it also makes it more durable. This thick layer assists in regulating moisture. Lastly, the suede lining layer is placed on to ensure a pleasant foot climate as it helps in absorbing moisture. All of these elements are what people love about Birkenstocks. The detail and construction that is put into each sandal/shoe allows for proper foot wellbeing and health.                                                   

Soft Footbed

The soft footbed has the same structure as the original footbed however, it has an additional anatomically shaped foam insert which is placed between the suede and cork layers. The foam insert contains tiny air bubbles that increase the comfort experience. This added layer of cushioning can also assist in the breaking in process for customers who find the classic footbed too firm to begin with. The soft footbed is also a great option for those with a more sensitive foot or for those who simply seek more of a cushioned feel. You can find the soft footbed in a range of different colours and designs to suit individual taste. Whether it be an Arizona, Florida or Boston, everyone can enjoy the superior comfort of the Birkenstock Soft Footbed. You can browse our range of Birkenstock Soft Footbeds here!